Monroe County

Monroe County At-A-Glance

Established: 1821
Population: 744,344 (2010 Census)
County Seat: Rochester
Cities: Rochester
Villages: Brockport, Churchville, East Rochester, Fairport, Hilton, Honeoye Falls, Pittsford, Scottsville, Spencerport, Webster
Towns: Brighton, Chili, Clarkson, Gates, Greece, Hamlin, Henriette, Irondequoit, Mendon, Ogden, Parma, Penfield, Perinton, Pittsford, Riga, Rush, Sweden, Webster, Wheatland
Bordering Counties: Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Orleans, Wayne
NYSDOT Region Code: 43
Designated Market Area: Rochester
Area Codes: 585

State Routes

Interstate United States New York

Reference Routes

Route Name Southern/Western
Length Notes
940C E. Ridge Rd. Culver Rd. 0.70 miles
(1.13 km)
Replaced by
940D Monroe CR 63 0.25 miles
(0.40 km)
NB to EB spur
940F Hudson Ave. Titus Ave. 1.06 miles
(1.71 km)
Replaced by
940G E. River Rd. 1.74 miles
(2.80 km)
Replaced by
940H W. River Rd. Livingston County Line
(Livingston CR 84)
1.18 miles
(1.90 km)
940J Monroe St. 1.62 miles
(2.61 km)
940K Mt. Read Blvd. Joanne Dr. 3.96 miles
(6.38 km)
940L Howard Rd. 2.37 miles
(3.82 km)
940M Lake Ave. Lyell Ave. 2.19 miles
(3.53 km)
940P Spencerport Expressway 1.03 miles
(1.66 km)
Replaced by
940T E. Main St. / University Ave. 1.68 miles
(2.70 km)
940U W. Commercial St. 0.88 miles
(1.42 km)
940V N. Washington St. 0.85 miles
(1.37 km)
Maintained by Towns of Perinton and Penfield
941A Latta Rd. 1.28 miles
(2.06 km)
941B Empire Blvd. Rochester City Line 0.65 miles
(1.05 km)
941L Lake Rd. Culver Rd. 5.66 miles
(9.11 km)
Replaced by
941P Redman Rd. Morton Rd. Cook Rd. 2.16 miles
(3.47 km)
Replaced by
941V Blossom Rd. 2.23 miles
(3.59 km)
942B Panorama Trail Irondequoit Creek Bridge 0.17 miles
(0.27 km)
Replaced by
942F Greece-Rochester Line Lake Ave. 0.42 miles
(0.67 km)
Reassigned as Reference Route 947A
942G Plymouth Ave. EAST EAST 0.50 miles
(0.81 km)
943B 1.50 miles
(1.50 km)
Replaced by
Truck Route Still Posted
943C Calkins Rd.
Mendon Center Rd.
1.68 miles
(2.70 km)
943E Erie Station Rd. 0.97 miles
(1.56 km)
943F Pattonwood Dr. Thomas Ave. 0.35 miles
(0.56 km)
O'Rorke Bridge
946A EAST Service Road Clinton Ave. Goodman St. 1.87 miles
(3.01 km)
946B WEST Service Road Culver Rd. Clinton Ave. 2.63 miles
(4.23 km)
946C EAST Service Road Five Mile Line Rd. 2.27 miles
(3.65 km)
946D WEST Service Road Five Mile Line Rd. 2.28 miles
(3.67 km)
946E EAST Service Road Manitou Rd. 1.10 miles
(1.77 km)
946F WEST Service Road Manitou Rd. 1.10 miles
(1.77 km)
947A Orleans County Line Lake Ave. / Pattonwood Dr. 22.57 miles
(36.34 km)
Total Mileage Lakeside Beach to Lake Ave.: 35.03 miles

County Routes


Some information on this page comes from Nathan Perry's Empire State Roads and J.P. Wing's Upstate New York Roads.