Genesee County

Genesee County At-A-Glance

Established: 1803
Population: 60,079 (2010), 58,388 (2020)
County Seat: Batavia
Cities: Batavia
Villages: Alexander, Attica, Bergen, Corfu, Elba, LeRoy, Oakfield
Towns: Alabama, Alexander, Batavia, Bergen, Bethany, Byron, Darien, Elba, LeRoy, Oakfield, Pavilion, Pembroke, Stafford
Bordering Counties: Erie, Livingston, Niagara, Monroe, Orleans, Wyoming
NYSDOT Region Code: 41
Designated Market Area: Buffalo
Area Codes: 585
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State Routes

Interstate United States New York

Reference Routes

There are no Reference Routes in Genesee County.

County Routes

Genesee County does not post the standard pentagonal reassurance markers along its routes. Route numbers are generally posted on street name blade signage at intersections.

Route Name Southern/Western
Length Notes
Stroh Rd.
Sandpit Rd.
Brookville Rd.
Creek Rd.
Batavia City Line
(Lehigh Ave.)
9.93 miles
(15.99 km)
East Bethany-LeRoy Rd. 6.21 miles
(10.00 km)
Munson St. Genesee CR 2 LeRoy Village Line
(Munson St.)
0.09 miles
(0.14 km)
South St.
Union Corners Rd.
Wyoming County Line
(South St.)
LeRoy Village Line 7.38 miles
(11.88 km)
Harlow Rd.
Fargo Rd.
Lake Gabbey Rd.
Indian Falls Rd.
14.80 miles
(23.83 km)
Discontinuous 0.22 miles
at NY 33
Gillate Rd.
Halstead Rd.
Wilkinson Rd.
Hartshorn Rd.
7.33 miles
(11.80 km)
Discontinuous 0.25 miles
at Genesee CR 21
Swamp Rd.
West Sweden Rd.
Bergen Village Line
(Swamp Rd.)
Monroe County Line
(Monroe CR 240)
4.72 miles
(7.60 km)
Barrville Rd.
North Byron Rd.
Elba Village Line
(Chapel St.)
6.12 miles
(9.85 km)
Randall Rd. Genesee CR 34 4.96 miles
(7.99 km)
Richmond Rd. Genesee CR 8 0.26 miles
(0.42 km)
Albion Rd. Genesee CR 22 Orleans County Line
(Orleans CR 15)
4.44 miles
(7.14 km)
York Center Rd. Livingston County Line
(Livingston CR 35)
3.20 miles
(5.15 km)
Akron Rd. Erie County Line
(Erie CR 252)
3.37 miles
(5.43 km)
Lewiston Rd.
Lockport Rd.
North Byron Rd.
Niagara County Line Genesee CR 7 17.33 miles
(27.90 km)
Concurrent with
Niagara County Line to NY 63
Bank St.
Townline Rd.
Batavia City Line
(Bank St.)
12.08 miles
(19.45 km)
Townline Rd. Section
Concurrent with
Reed Rd.
North Bergen Rd.
Monroe County Line
(Monroe CR 235)
5.34 miles
(8.60 km)
Discontinuous 0.06 miles
at Genesee CR 6
Linden Rd.
Bethany Center Rd.
Chaddock Rd./Silver Rd. 7.49 miles
(12.06 km)
Skates Hill Rd. Wyoming County Line
(Wyoming CR 1)
Genesee CR 15 0.00 miles
(0.00 km)
Pearl St.
Maltby Rd.
Oakfield Village Line
(N. Pearl St.)
Elba Village Line
(Mechanic St.)
4.20 miles
(6.76 km)
Parmelee Rd.
Oatka Trail
Monroe County Line
(Monroe CR 245)
4.30 miles
(6.92 km)
Batavia-Stafford Rd.
Byron Rd.
Walkers Corners Rd.
5.27 miles
(8.48 km)
Byron Rd.
Warboys Rd.
Creamery Rd.
Genesee CR 19 10.60 miles
(17.07 km)
Discontinuous 0.42 miles
at Genesee CR 6
Fargo Rd.
Prole Rd.
Genesee CR 19 6.02 miles
(9.69 km)
Walker Rd. Genesee CR 3 Livingston County Line
(Livingston CR 23)
1.25 miles
(2.01 km)
Sumner Rd.
Simonds Rd.
Dodgeson Rd.
Erie County Line
(Erie CR 166)
12.75 miles
(20.53 km)
Lewiston Rd. Genesee CR 12 Genesee CR 16 2.44 miles
(3.93 km)
Knowlesville Rd. Orleans County Line
(Orleans CR 28)
4.78 miles
(7.70 km)
Oak Orchard Rd. Orleans County Line
(Orleans CR 98)
3.66 miles
(5.89 km)
Circular Hill Rd.
Gulf Rd.
Monroe County Line
(Monroe CR 147)
3.10 miles
(4.99 km)
Circular Hill Rd. Genesee CR 25 Genesee CR 17 1.70 miles
(2.74 km)
Ledge Rd.
Maple Rd.
Townline Rd.
10.57 miles
(17.02 km)
Clipnock Rd. Genesee CR 2 3.32 miles
(5.35 km)
Slusser Rd.
Macomber Rd.
5.73 miles
(9.23 km)
West Bergen Rd. 6.63 miles
(10.67 km)
Pratt Rd.
Kelsey Rd.
Genesee CR 4 4.95 miles
(7.97 km)
Morganville Rd.
Horseshoe Lake Rd.
3.11 miles
(5.01 km)
East Rd. Wyoming County Line
(Wyoming CR 7)
4.36 miles
(7.02 km)
Townline Rd. Wyoming County Line
(Wyoming CR 5)
Genesee CR 45 0.38 miles
(0.61 km)
S. Main St.
Wortendyke Rd.
Batavia City Line 3.81 miles
(6.13 km)
Francis Rd.
Shepard Rd.
5.25 miles
(8.45 km)
Starr Rd.
Hartwell Rd.
Junction Rd.
Covell Rd.
Wyoming County Line
(Wyoming CR 53)
Genesee CR 2 6.14 miles
(9.89 km)
North Rd. Monroe County Line
(Monroe CR 139)
3.35 miles
(5.39 km)
South Holley Rd. Genesee CR 14 Orleans County Line
(Orleans CR 73)
0.65 miles
(1.05 km)
Walkers Corners Rd.
Starowitz Rd.
Transit Rd.
Genesee CR 19/19A Watson Rd. 5.04 miles
(8.11 km)
Salt Rd. Orleans County Line
(Orleans CR 52)
0.20 miles
(0.32 km)
Attica Rd. 2.12 miles
(3.41 km)
Saile Dr. Genesee CR 13 1.92 miles
(3.09 km)
Putnam Rd. Genesee CR 1 Genesee CR 38 1.56 miles
(2.51 km)
R. Stephen Hawley Dr. Genesee CR 13 Genesee CR 19 1.53 miles
(2.46 km)
Raymond Rd. Genesee CR 15 Genesee CR 35 1.49 miles
(2.40 km)
Perry Rd. 6.35 miles
(10.22 km)
Colby Rd. 4.63 miles
(7.45 km)
Memory Ln. Bethany Center Rd. Genesee CR 49 1.88 miles
(3.03 km)
Agpark Dr. 1.63 miles
(2.62 km)
Old Telephone Rd. 0.37 miles
(0.60 km)
Access ramps US 20 to Genesee CR 15

Some information on this page comes from Nathan Perry's Empire State Roads and J.P. Wing's Upstate New York Roads.