New York 531

Eastbound NY 531 reassurance marker near Spencerport.
(Douglas Kerr, 10/28/2009)

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Western Terminus: NY 31 / NY 36, Adams Basin
Eastern Terminus: I-490, Gates
Length: 8.02 miles (12.91 km)
Orientation: East-West
Counties: Monroe
Cities: None
Villages: None
Towns: Ogden, Gates
Name(s): Spencerport Expressway

The Spencerport Expressway was part of a proposal to link Rochester and Buffalo with a free limited access highway. It is believed this idea was abandoned, but there's speculation that this road could connect with I-990 in the Buffalo area. The first section, I-490 to NY 386, was built in the 1970s and carried Reference Route 940P. The NY 531 designation was born in 1984 when the second section, NY 386 to Manitou Rd., was opened. Construction of the road between Manitou Rd. and NY 31/NY 36 in Adams Basin did not begin until 1993, due mainly in part to NIMBYs. The section was opened to traffic in 1995. Since then, there have been sporadic talks to build an extension west to NY 19 south of Brockport. But there is no set timetable for such an extension at this time.

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Mile Desc. EAST (Read Down) WEST (Read Up)
0.00 JCT

(Douglas Kerr, 12/06/2008)

(Douglas Kerr, 01/03/2009)
2.61 INT
(Douglas Kerr, 01/03/2009)
6.37 INT . Rochester Tech Park
(Mark Sinsabaugh, 06/23/2007)
6.99 INT
(Mark Sinsabaugh, 06/23/2007)
8.02 JCT
(Exit 8)

(Douglas Kerr, 10/28/2009)

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