Westchester County

Westchester County At-A-Glance

Established: 1683
Population: 949,113 (2010), 1,004,457 (2020)
County Seat: White Plains
Cities: Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Peekskill, Rye, White Plains, Yonkers
Villages: Ardsley, Briarcliff Manor, Bronxville, Buchanan, Croton-on-Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Elmsford, Harrison, Hastings-on-Hudson, Irvington, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Mount Kisco, Ossining, Pelham, Pelham Manor, Pleasantville, Port Chester, Rye Brook, Scarsdale, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, Tuckahoe
Towns: Bedford, Cortlandt, Eastchester, Greenburgh, Lewisboro, Mamaroneck, Mount Pleasant, New Castle, North Castle, North Salem, Ossining, Pound Ridge, Somers, Yorktown
Bordering Counties: Bronx, Putnam, Rockland
NYSDOT Region Code: 87
Designated Market Area: New York
Area Codes: 914
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State Routes

Interstate United States New York

Reference Routes

Route Name Southern/Western
Length Notes
907K 4.48 miles
(7.21 km)
907W NYC/Bronx Line Connecticut State Line 14.36 miles
(23.12 km)
Total Distance 18.71 miles
981U Cross Westchester Ave. Memorial Highway
(Reference Route 981V)
Spring St.
(Reference Route 982Q)
0.29 miles
(0.47 km)
Access to I-95 Exit 16
981V Memorial Highway
(New Rochelle)
Lincoln Ave. 0.71 miles
(1.14 km)
982B Midland Ave.
(Port Chester)
Cottage St. 0.91 miles
(1.46 km)
982C Putnam Ave.
(Port Chester)
0.72 miles
(1.16 km)
982J Palmer Ave./Petersville Rd.
(New Rochelle)
River St.
(Reference Route 982K)
Potter Ave./I-95 Overpass 0.81 miles
(1.30 km)
982K Echo Ave./River St./Cedar St.
(New Rochelle)
0.81 miles
(1.30 km)
982Q Spring St.
(New Rochelle)
River St.
(Reference Route 982K)
Cedar St.
(Reference Route 982K)
0.05 miles
(0.08 km)
983B Nepperhan Ave.
2.39 miles
(3.85 km)
Yonkers Ave.
Nepperhan Ave.
(Reference Route 983B)
3.22 miles
(5.18 km)
983D Spring St.
0.39 miles
(0.63 km)
984G Manhattanville Rd. Connector 0.50 miles
(0.81 km)
984H Riverdale Ave.
NYC/Bronx Line Larkin Plaza 1.57 miles
(2.53 km)
984J 1.53 miles
(2.46 km)
Connector Hutchinson Pkwy. NB to I-684 NB
984L Tuckahoe Rd. 0.43 miles
(0.69 km)
Access to I-87/Thruway Exit 6
984M Farragut Ave. 0.08 miles
(0.13 km)
987D NYC/Bronx Line 29.80 miles
(47.98 km)
987F 12.60 miles
(20.29 km)
987G Putnam County Line 20.48 miles
(32.97 km)
Total Mileage NY 22/Bronx River Parkway to I-90: 104.31 miles
987H West Segment 3.89 miles
(6.26 km)
East Segment 0.89 miles
(1.43 km)
987J Farragut Pkwy. Farragut Ave. 0.45 miles
(0.72 km)

County Routes

Westchester County does not post the standard pentagonal reassurance markers along its routes. Routes are not arranged in any manner, however several run concurrent with signed state routes.

Route Name Southern/Western
Length Notes
Bronx River Parkway 9.54 miles
(15.36 km)
Harney Rd.
Brook St.
Yonkers City Line
(Harney Rd.)
0.69 miles
(1.11 km)
Long Ridge Rd. 3.45 miles
(5.55 km)
Washington Ave. Pleasantville Village Line
(Washington Ave.)
Mt. Pleasant-New Castle Town Line
(Washington Ave.)
1.02 miles
(1.64 km)
Seven Bridges Rd. New Castle-Yorktown Town Line
(Seven Bridges Rd.)
0.34 miles
(0.55 km)
Croton Point Ave. Croton Point Park Entrance 0.41 miles
(0.66 km)
Mamaroneck Ave. Westchester CR 44 Bryant Ave. 5.05 miles
(8.13 km)
Formerly (1930-36)
Palmer Rd. Mile Square Rd. 0.57 miles
(0.92 km)
Bedford-Banksville Rd.
Greenwich-Bedford Rd.
Westchester CR 56 3.52 miles
(5.67 km)
Formerly (1930-38)
Weber Ave. Sleepy Hollow Rd. 0.47 miles
(0.76 km)
Benedict Ave. Tarrytown Village Line
(Benedict Ave.)
0.85 miles
(1.37 km)
Anderson Hill Rd. Westchester CR 30 3.34 miles
(5.38 km)
Ryder Rd. Sunset Dr. 0.22 miles
(0.35 km)
Formerly (1930-37)
Seven Bridges Rd. 1.52 miles
(2.45 km)
Lexington Ave. Lieto Dr. 1.17 miles
(1.88 km)
S. Division St.
Crompond Rd.
Westchester CR 63 Peekskill City Line 1.36 miles
(2.19 km)
Concurrent with
Main St. (Peekskill) Peekskill City Line 2.27 miles
(3.65 km)
Concurrent with
Old Mamaroneck Rd. Scarsdale Village Line Livingston Ave. 1.79 miles
(2.88 km)
Concurrent with
Bedford Rd. 1.09 miles
(1.75 km)
Former NY 117 alignment
Broadway Westchester CR 64 0.49 miles
(0.79 km)
North St.
White Plains Ave.
Rosedale Ave. Locust Ave. 2.43 miles
(3.91 km)
Concurrent with
Lake St. Delfino Park Entrance Harrison Village Line
(Lake St.)
0.22 miles
(0.35 km)
Palmer Rd. 1.83 miles
(2.95 km)
Virginia Rd. 0.18 miles
(0.29 km)
Tuckahoe Rd. Garrett Ave. 0.58 miles
(0.93 km)
Main St. (Tuckahoe) Metro North RR Bridge Midland Ave. 0.50 miles
(0.81 km)
Park Ave. 0.64 miles
(1.03 km)
Bloomer Rd. Westchester CR 310 1.37 miles
(2.21 km)
Pleasantville Rd. Ossining Reservoir Overlook Westchester CR 106
(Pleasantville Village Line)
3.01 miles
(4.85 km)
Willett Ave.
N. Pearl St.
Putnam Ave. 0.77 miles
(1.24 km)
Palmer Ave.
Mt. Pleasant Ave.
Larchmont Village Line
(Palmer Ave.)
Mamaroneck Ave. 1.57 miles
(2.53 km)
Central Park Ave.
New York City / Bronx Borough Line 2.34 miles
(3.77 km)
Virginia Rd. Washington Ave. 0.37 miles
(0.60 km)
Hamilton Ave. Bank St. 0.56 miles
(0.90 km)
Concurrent with
Post Rd. White Plains City Line 1.23 miles
(1.98 km)
Concurrent with

South Segment
Halstead Ave.
Theodore Fremd Ave.
1.75 miles
(2.82 km)

North Segment
Wappanocca Ave.
Ridge St.
Westchester CR 308 3.17 miles
(5.10 km)
Bedford-Banksville Rd. Connecticut State Line
(North St.)
Westchester CR 12 1.56 miles
(2.51 km)
Formerly (1930-38)
Tuckahoe Rd. 1.16 miles
(1.87 km)
Sanford Blvd. New York City/Bronx Borough Line
(Pitman Ave.)
1.32 miles
(2.13 km)
Westchester Ave. Westchester CR 71 3.30 miles
(5.31 km)
Division St. Westchester CR 92 Peekskill City Line
(Oregon Rd.)
1.45 miles
(2.33 km)
Columbus Ave. Westchester CR 29 Kensico Rd./Nanny Hagen Rd. 3.06 miles
(4.93 km)
Shore Rd. New York City/Bronx Borough Line
(Shore Rd.)
Pelhamdale Ave. 0.33 miles
(0.53 km)
Palmer Ave. New Rochelle City Line
(Palmer Ave.)
Larchmont Village Line
(Palmer Ave.)
0.05 miles
(0.08 km)
Kensico Connector 0.77 miles
(1.24 miles)
Midland Ave.
Main St.
Bronxville-Tuckahoe Village Line
(Midland Ave.)
0.60 miles
(0.97 km)
Pelham Pkwy. Mount Vernon City Line
(S. Fulton Ave.)
0.30 miles
(0.48 km)
Westchester Ave. Westchester CR 62 0.30 miles
(0.48 km)
Midland Ave. Westchester CR 152 Port Chester Village Line
(Midland Ave.)
1.76 miles
(2.83 km)
North St.
Old Post Rd.
1.78 miles
(2.87 km)
Murray Ave. Myrtle Blvd. 0.95 miles
(1.53 km)
Warburton Ave. Yonkers City Line
(Warburton Ave.)
1.53 miles
(2.46 km)
Ardsley Rd. Garth Rd. 0.74 miles
(1.19 km)
Greely Ave. 0.43 miles
(0.69 km)
Washington Ave. Mt. Pleasant-New Castle Town Line Westchester CR 79 0.18 miles
(0.29 km)
Halstead Ave. Harrison Village Line
(Halstead Ave.)
Westchester CR 54 0.91 miles
(1.47 km)
North Ave. Westchester CR 101 1.20 miles
(1.93 km)
Mill Rd. 0.78 miles
(1.26 km)
E. Lincoln Ave. Mt. Vernon City Line
(E. Lincoln Ave.)
New Rochelle City Line
(E. Lincoln Ave.)
0.49 miles
(0.79 km)
Westchester Ave.
N. Broadway
Westchester CR 71 White Plains City Line 1.50 miles
(2.42 km)
Concurrent with
Central Ave. Harding Ave. 0.11 miles
(0.18 km)
Concurrent with
S. 5th Ave. 1st St. Westchester CR 61/111 0.87 miles
(1.40 km)
Welcher Ave.
Washington Ave.
Lower South St. Westchester CR 63 1.66 miles
(2.67 km)
Union Ave. Mamaroneck Ave. 1.66 miles
(2.67 km)
Bedford Center Rd. 3.03 miles
(4.88 km)
Central Park Ave. White Plains City Line Harding Ave. 0.77 miles
(1.24 km)
Concurrent with
North Ave. Westchester CR 81 Westchester CR 82 1.93 miles
(3.11 km)
North Ave. Westchester CR 3 3.32 miles
(5.35 km)
Replaced by
Polly Park Rd.
Bowman Ave.
2.55 miles
(4.11 km)
Pleasantville Rd.
Bedford Rd.
Westchester CR 40
(Pleasantville Village Line)
Pleasantville Village Line
(Bedford Rd.)
0.52 miles
(0.84 km)
Post Rd.
S. Broadway
Westchester CR 71 0.32 miles
(0.52 km)
Concurrent with
S. 5th Ave. New York City/Bronx Borough Line Westchester CR 61/91 0.53 miles
(0.85 km)
Westchester Ave. Westchester CR 104 0.70 miles
(1.13 km)
Concurrent with
Wilmot Rd. New Rochelle City Line
(Wilmot Rd.)
0.67 miles
(1.08 km)
Aqueduct Rd. 0.16 miles
(0.26 km)
McLean Ave. Putnam Ave. Tibbetts Rd. 0.15 miles
(0.24 km)
Bridge over Saw Mill River Pkwy.
Formerly (1940-70)
Weaver St. Mamaroneck-Scarsdale Town Line 0.46 miles
(0.74 km)
Concurrent with
Underhill Ave. 2.43 miles
(3.91 km)
Broad St. Yonkers City Line Mt. Vernon City Line 0.09 miles
(0.14 km)
Bridge over Metro North RR
Cox Ave.
Byram Lake Rd.
End of County Maintenance near Byram Lake Reservoir 2.03 miles
(3.27 km)
Ashford Ave. Ardsley Village Line
(Ashford Ave.)
0.08 miles
(0.13 km)
Airport Rd. Westchester County Airport 0.86 miles
(1.38 km)
Croton Falls Rd. Putnam County Line
(Putnam CR 34)
0.08 miles
(0.13 km)
Stoneleigh Ave. Putnam County Line
(Putnam CR 35)
0.27 miles
(0.43 km)
Hardscrabble Rd. Westchester CR 310 3.59 miles
(5.78 km)
Quaker Ridge Rd. Westchester CR 101 1.48 miles
(2.38 km)
Fort Hill Rd. Yonkers City Line
(Jackson Ave.)
0.41 miles
(0.66 km)
Heathcote Bypass 1.13 miles
(1.82 km)
West Lake Dr. N. Kensico Ave. Westchester CR 64 0.76 miles
(1.22 km)
Playland Access Dr. Westchester CR 54 Westchester CR 73 0.31 miles
(0.50 km)
Thruway Access Dr. Westchester CR 73 Westchester CR 152 0.15 miles
(0.24 km)
Playland Parkway WB On-Off Ramps
Orchard St. Beech St. 0.30 miles
(0.48 km)
Central Westchester Parkway 0.69 miles
(1.11 km)
Farragut Pkwy. Reference Route 987J 0.74 miles
(1.19 km)
Playland Pkwy. Forest Ave. 1.20 miles
(1.93 km)
Bryant Ave. Westchester CR 62 0.62 miles
(1.00 km)
North State Rd. Mount Pleasant-North Castle Town Line
(North State Rd.)
0.30 miles
(0.48 km)
Louisa St. Westchester CR 156 0.48 miles
(0.77 km)
Charles Point Ave. Peekskill City Line Westchester CR 155 0.42 miles
(0.68 km)
Woods Rd. Westchester CR 301 1.11 miles
(1.79 km)
Hammond House Rd.
Sunshine Cottage Rd.
Peripheral Rd.
Westchester CR 302 Westchester Medical Center Entrance 1.07 miles
(1.72 km)
Dana Rd. Westchester CR 301 0.38 miles
(0.61 km)
Old Saw Mill River Rd. 0.46 miles
(0.74 km)
S. Riverside Ave. Van Cortlandt Manor Entrance 0.96 miles
(1.55 km)
Jay St. Mustato Rd. 0.24 miles
(0.39 km)
Highland Rd. Rye Brook Village Line
(Highland Rd.)
0.40 miles
(0.64 km)
Girdle Ridge Rd.
Pea Pond Rd.
2.54 miles
(4.09 km)
Former northern extension of NY 137
June Rd. Putnam County Line
(Putnam CR 55)
3.19 miles
(5.14 km)
Former northern extension of NY 124
S. Columbus Ave. Westchester CR 70 Westchester CR 61 0.50 miles
(0.81 km)
Concurrent with
Kimball Pl. Dead End 0.05 miles
(0.08 km)
Walker Rd. Westchester CR 302 0.42 miles
(0.68 km)
Commerce St. 1.77 miles
(2.85 km)

Some information on this page comes from Nathan Perry's Empire State Roads and J.P. Wing's Upstate New York Roads.