New York 9B

The first northbound NY 9B marker in Chazy.
(Douglas Kerr, 10/14/2005)

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Southern Terminus: US 9, Chazy
Northern Terminus: US 11, Rouses Point
Length: 5.97 miles (9.61 km)
Orientation: North-South
Counties: Clinton
Cities: None
Villages: Rouses Point
Towns: Champlain
Name(s): Lake St.

The original NY 9B alignment was located in Ossining, Westchester County. While the exact routing is not clear, it appears the route was designated as a spur of US 9 to service Sing Sing Correctional Facility.

NY 9B moved to its current alignment by the mid 1940s and, until 1993, extended to the Canadian border along what is now US 11.


In conjuction with our recommendation to extend US 2 westward and eliminate all suffixed routes, we recommend renumbering the length of NY 9B as NY 502.

1935 Sunoco Rand McNally New York state map
showing NY 9B's original alignment in Ossining.

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Mile Desc. NORTH (Read Down) SOUTH (Read Up)
. . .
0.00 JCT
(Douglas Kerr, 06/10/2007)
5.46 . .
5.97 JCT

(Douglas Kerr, 00/00/0000)
. . .

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