Ulster County

Ulster County At-A-Glance

Established: 1683
Population: 182,493 (2010), 181,851 (2020)
County Seat: Kingston
Cities: Kingston
Villages: Ellenville, Marlboro, New Paltz, Pine Hill, Rifton, Rosendale, Saugerties, Seager
Towns: Denning, Esopus, Gardiner, Hardenburgh, Hurley, Kingston, Lloyds, Marbletown, Marlborough, New Paltz, Olive, Plattekill, Rochester, Rosendale, Saugerties, Shandaken, Shawangunk, Ulster, Warwarsing, Woodstock
Bordering Counties: Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Sullivan
NYSDOT Region Code: 86
Designated Market Area: New York
Area Codes: 845
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State Routes

Interstate United States New York

Reference Routes

Route Name Southern/Western
Length Notes
981K Washington Ave. (Kingston) Hurley Ave. 0.58 miles
(0.93 km)
Former NY 28 alignment
981L Reservoir Rd. Van Steenburgh Ln. 0.21 miles
(0.34 km)
981M Ulster Ave. Kingston City Line 1.18 miles
(1.90 km)
Continuation of Reference Route 983F
983F Albany Ave. Kingston City Line 0.51 miles
(0.82 km)
Continuation of Reference Route 981M
983G E. St. James St. (Kingston) Maiden Ln. 0.16 miles
(0.26 km)
984D Wurts St. Abeel St. 0.57 miles
(0.92 km)
Former US 9W alignment

County Routes

(Douglas Kerr, 04/14/2007)

(Douglas Kerr, 10/02/2004)

Ulster County posts the standard pentagonal reassurance markers along its routes. Older markers still posted are diamond shaped with the route number inside an outline of the county. A secondary county highway number (or numbers) is also given to each route and is posted on a small green sign posted beneath the reassurance marker.

Route Name Southern/Western
Length Notes
Lucas Tpke. Kingston City Line
(Lucas Ave.)
13.61 miles
(21.91 km)
Krumville Rd.
Kripplebush Rd.
Ulster CR 3 8.12 miles
(13.07 km)
Krumville Rd. Ulster CR 2 3.30 miles
(5.31 km)
Samsonville Rd. 13.51 miles
(21.75 km)
Atwood Rd. 8.64 miles
(13.91 km)
Concurrent with
Hurley Mountain Rd. 8.50 miles
(13.69 km)
Kyserike Rd.
Clove Rd.
Mohonk Rd.
Mountain Rest Rd.
Ulster CR 7 9.75 miles
(15.70 km)
Mohonk Rd. Ulster CR 6 2.85 miles
(4.59 km)
Burlingham Rd.
New Prospect Rd.
Bruynswick Rd.
Albany Post Rd.
Libertyville Rd.
Sullivan County Line
(Sullivan CR 61)
New Paltz Village Line
29.90 miles
(48.14 km)
Discontinuous 0.72 miles at NY 52
Northernmost 0.14 miles concurrent with
McKinstry Rd. Ulster CR 7 Ulster CR 9 2.59 miles
(4.17 km)
Ulster CR 7 4.83 miles
(7.78 km)
Concurrent with
Albany Post Rd. Orange County Line
(Orange CR 14)
Ulster CR 7 8.27 miles
(13.31 km)
Milton Tpke. Hudson River at Milton Landing 7.33 miles
(11.80 km)
Lattintown Rd.
Old Indian Rd.
Milton Cross Rd.
Orchard Rd.
Chapel Hill Rd.
Orange County Line
(Lattintown Rd.)
9.43 miles
(15.18 km)
Discontinuous 0.13 miles at Ulster CR 10 and 0.28 miles at US 44/NY 55
New Paltz Rd. Highland Hamlet Line
(Main St.)
3.31 miles
(5.33 km)
Plattekill-Ardonia Rd. 4.28 miles
(6.89 km)
East Rd.
Plattekill Rd.
Western Ave.
Orange County Line
(East Rd.)
6.70 miles
(10.79 km)
Western Ave. Ulster CR 14 Ulster CR 11 1.60 miles
(2.58 km)
Fosler Rd.
South St.
Tuckers Corners Rd.
Pancake Hollow Rd.
N. Riverside Rd.
Ulster CR 13 10.37 miles
(16.70 km)
Discontinuous 0.30 miles at US 44/NY 55 and 0.19 miles at NY 299
Old Post Rd. 6.57 miles
(10.58 km)
Jansen Rd.
Putt Corners Rd.
Horsenden Rd.
6.20 miles
(9.98 km)
Walkill Ave.
Bruyn Tpke.
Hoagerburgh Rd.
Ulster CR 7 6.44 miles
(10.37 km)
Long Ln. Ulster CR 18 Ulster CR 9 1.18 miles
(1.90 km)
Sand Hill Rd. Ulster CR 9 3.40 miles
(5.47 km)
New Hurley Rd. Orange County Line
(Orange CR 23)
3.86 miles
(6.21 km)
Discontinuous 0.33 miles at NY 32
Plains Rd. Orange County Line
(Orange CR 85)
4.14 miles
(6.67 km)
South St. 3.11 miles
(5.01 km)
Station Rd.
South Ohioville Rd.
Ulster CR 22 2.50 miles
(4.03 km)
Orchard Dr. Orange County Line
(Orchard Dr.)
3.29 miles
(5.30 km)
Union Center Rd.
River Rd.
8.23 miles
(13.25 km)
Discontinuous 0.12 miles at US 9W
Creek Locks Rd.
New Salem Rd.
Salem Ave.
8.98 miles
(14.46 km)
Discontinuous 0.21 miles at NY 213
Cottekill Rd.
Sawdust Ave.
Breezy Hill Rd.
Hickory Bush Rd.
4.54 miles
(7.31 km)
Cottekill Rd. Ulster CR 26 0.77 miles
(1.24 km)
Granite Rd. 4.46 miles
(7.18 km)
Millbrook Ave.
Zandhoek Rd.
DeWitt Mills Rd.
DeWitt Lake Rd.
Mountain Rd.
Ulster CR 29 4.25 miles
(6.85 km)
Hurley Ave. Ext.
Main St.
Kingston City Line
(Hurley Ave.)
3.33 miles
(5.36 km)
Former US 209 alignment
Wynkoop Rd. Ulster CR 5 Ulster CR 29 0.73 miles
(1.18 km)
Sawkill Rd. Ulster CR 31 6.07 miles
(9.77 km)
Sawkill Rd.
Sawkill-Ruby Rd.
Kings Hwy.
Washington Ave (Reference Route 981K) 11.20 miles
(18.03 km)
Leggs Mill Rd. Ulster CR 31 1.32 miles
(2.13 km)
Glasco Tpke.
Delaware St.
Ulster CR 33 Dead End at Hudson River 7.75 miles
(12.48 km)
Glasco Tpke.
W. Saugerties Rd.
Ulster CR 35 10.35 miles
(16.66 km)
Rock City Rd. Ulster CR 33 (Mainline) 0.58 miles
(0.93 km)
Lower Byrdcliffe Rd. Ulster CR 33 (Rock City Rd.) Ulster CR 33 (Mainline) 0.42 miles
(0.68 km)
W. Saugerties Rd. Becker Rd. Ulster CR 33 (Mainline) 0.45 miles
(0.72 km)
Main St.
Malden Tpke.
Old Kings Hwy.
Greene County Line
(Greene CR 47)
5.79 miles
(9.32 km)
Blue Mountain Rd. 5.08 miles
(8.18 km)
Harry Wells Rd. Ulster CR 35 1.99 miles
(3.20 km)
Kukuk Rd.
Ulster Landing Rd.
4.91 miles
(7.91 km)
Zena Rd. Ulster CR 30 2.56 miles
(4.12 km)
Bridge St.
Main St.
Mt. Tremper-Phoenicia Rd.
Glenford-Wittenberg Rd.
Ulster CR 41 12.67 miles
(20.40 km)
Former NY 28 alignment
Ohayo Mountain Rd. Old Route 28 3.50 miles
(5.64 km)
Peekamoose Rd.
Watson Hollow Rd.
Ulster CR 46 6.87 miles
(11.06 km)
Maverick Rd. 1.96 miles
(3.16 km)
Mountain Rd. 3.04 miles
(4.89 km)
Wittenberg Rd. Ulster CR 40 2.62 miles
(4.22 km)
Yaegerville Rd.
Sundown Rd.
Sullivan County Line
(Sullivan CR 153)
9.70 miles
(15.62 km)
Frost Valley Rd.
Oliverea Rd.
Firehouse Rd.
Creek Side Dr.
Sullivan County Line
(Sullivan CR 157)
23.48 miles
(37.80 km)
South of NY 28 formerly
Dry Brook Rd. Erickson Rd. Delaware County Line
(Dry Brook Rd.)
3.77 miles
(6.07 km)
Todd Mountain Rd.
Galli Curci Rd.
Ulster CR 49 3.41 miles
(5.49 km)
Spillway Rd.
Stony Hollow Rd.
Hurley-Marbletown Town Line
(Spillway Rd.)
4.32 miles
(6.96 km)
Eastern 3.18 miles concurrent with
Morgan Hill Rd. Froners Rd./Kreyer Rd. 1.91 miles
(3.07 km)
Ulster Heights Rd.
Cape Ave.
Sullivan County Line
(Sullivan CR 154)
8.83 miles
(14.21 km)
Briggs St. Towne Rd. 6.20 miles
(9.98 km)
Milk Rd. Sullivan County Line
(Sullivan CR 158)
1.31 miles
(2.11 km)
Turnwood Rd. Sullivan County Line
(Sullivan CR 152)
Cross Mountain Rd. 6.36 miles
(10.24 km)
Ulster Ave. 2.15 miles
(3.46 km)
Boices Ln.
Enterprise Dr.
1.17 miles
(1.88 km)
Frank E. Sottile Blvd. 1.68 miles
(2.70 km)
Miron Ln. Ulster CR 161 0.35 miles
(0.56 km)

Some information on this page comes from Nathan Perry's Empire State Roads and J.P. Wing's Upstate New York Roads.