Tioga County

Tioga County At-A-Glance

Established: 1791
Population: 51,125 (2010), 48,455 (2020)
County Seat: Owego
Cities: None
Villages: Candor, Newark Valley, Nichols, Owego, Spencer, Waverly
Towns: Barton, Berkshire, Candor, Newark Valley, Nichols, Owego, Richford, Spencer, Tioga
Bordering Counties: Broome, Chemung, Cortland, Tompkins
NYSDOT Region Code: 97 (Reassigned from Region 6 to Region 9 in August 2006)
Designated Market Area: Binghamton
Area Codes: 607
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State Routes

Interstate United States New York

Reference Routes

Route Name Southern/Western
Length Notes
960H Mill St. (Candor) 0.22 miles
(0.35 km)
960J 0.73 miles
(1.18 km)
Access to NY 17 Exit 65
962G WEST 0.15 miles
(0.24 km)
Access to NY 17 West Exit 64
962J 0.41 miles
(0.66 km)
Access to NY 17 Exit 66;
Signed as a Touring Route

County Routes

(Douglas Kerr, 01/26/2010)

Tioga County posts the standard pentagonal reassurance markers along its routes.
Even numbers run east-west and odd numbers run north-south with numbers generally increasing west to east.
All routes also carry a 3-digit secondary designation which may be denoted on blade or pentagon signage.

Route Name Southern/Western
Length Notes
Michigan Hollow Rd. Tompkins County Line
(Tompkins CR 187)
1.97 miles
(3.17 km)
Hamilton Valley Rd. Poole Rd. Tioga CR 7 2.02 miles
(3.25 km)
Dean Creek Rd. Tioga CR 18 7.45 miles
(11.99 km)
W. River Dr. Pennsylvania State Line
(Riverside Dr.)
5.92 miles
(9.53 km)
Formerly (1930-48)
Crumtown Rd. Tompkins County Line
(Tompkins CR 125)
3.33 miles
(5.36 km)
E. River Dr. Dead End at NY 17 ROW 5.84 miles
(9.40 km)
Formerly (1930-70)
Halsey Valley Rd. 13.35 miles
(21.49 km)
Glen Rd. Tioga CR 33 3.70 miles
(5.96 km)
Ellis Creek Rd. Tioga CR 7 10.84 miles
(17.45 km)
E. Berkshire Rd. Tioga CR 37 2.50 miles
(4.03 km)
Oak Hill Rd. Old Barton Rd. Tioga CR 9 6.10 miles
(9.82 km)
N. Ellistown Rd.
Broad St. Ext.
1.31 miles
(2.11 km)
Day Hollow Rd. Broome County Line
(Broome CR 60)
6.14 miles
(9.89 km)
Coddington Rd. Tioga CR 16 Tompkins County Line
(Tompkins CR 119)
1.84 miles
(2.96 km)
Wilseyville Rd. 0.78 miles
(1.26 km)
Former Alignment
Honeypot Rd. Blinn Rd. 3.46 miles
(5.57 km)
Town Maintained, Google Street View shows Tioga CR 305 signage at its intersection with NY 96B in Candor
Berry Rd. Hunt Creek Rd. Tioga CR 54 0.78 miles
(1.26 km)
Sabin Rd. Chemung County Line
(Chemung CR 46)
2.68 miles
(4.31 km)
Taylor Rd.
Bodie Hill Rd.
Owego Village Line
(E. Front St.)
Tioga CR 14 2.30 miles
(3.70 km)
Straits Corners Rd. Tioga CR 7 8.75 miles
(14.09 km)
Glen Mary Dr. 5.65 miles
(9.10 km)
Sulphur Springs Rd.
Southside Dr.
Sibley Rd. 4.57 miles
(7.36 km)
Montrose Tpke. Pennsylvania State Line
(Montrose Tpke.)
Owego Village Line
(Montrose Ave.)
7.70 miles
(12.40 km)
Harford Rd. Tompkins County Line
(Tompkins CR 117)
Tompkins County Line
(Tompkins CR 117)
1.02 miles
(1.64 km)
W. Creek Rd. 14.00 miles
(22.54 km)
Discontinuous 0.81 miles through Tompkins County (Tompkins CR 115)
Wilson Creek Rd. Tioga CR 10 5.38 miles
(8.66 km)
Gaskill Rd. Tioga CR 14 5.88 miles
(9.47 km)
Pennsylvania Ave. 5.75 miles
(9.26 km)
Goodrich Rd. Tioga CR 23 0.51 miles
(0.82 km)
Stanton Hill Rd. Tioga CR 6 Tioga CR 25 3.17 miles
(5.10 km)
Old Route 17 Chemung County Line
(Chemung CR 60)
Waverly Village Line
(Chemung St.)
0.33 miles
(0.53 km)
Former Alignment
Corporate Dr. Dead End at Upstate Shredding 0.50 miles
(0.81 km)
Tioga Industrial Park and County Offices

Some information on this page comes from Nathan Perry's Empire State Roads and J.P. Wing's Upstate New York Roads.