New York 341

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Decommissioned: Early 1940s
Western Terminus: NY 22 / NY 55, Pawling
Eastern Terminus: CT Line at Amenia (Continued as Taber Rd.)
Length: 4.73 miles (7.62 km)
Orientation: East-West
Counties: Dutchess
Cities: None
Villages: Pawling
Towns: Pawling
Name(s): Quaker Hill Rd.

In the early 1980s, officials in Cortland County were concerned about the numerous overlapping routes that went through Cortland and Homer. NY 341 was considered to replace the NY 41 designation north of Cortland. However, it was decided that NY 90's southern terminus would be truncated at Homer instead. NY 341 is currently "reserved" for future use by NYSDOT in Cortland County.
Replaced By: Dutchess CR 67

We do recommend using the NY 341 designation in Cortland County. However, we recommend using it to replace the NY 41A designation.

1940 Sinclair Rand McNally New York State map
showing the NY 341 alignment.

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Mile Desc. EAST (Read Down) WEST (Read Up)
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0.00 JCT
0.50 .
4.73 JCT
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