New York 191

First westbound NY 191 reassurance marker in Chazy.
(Douglas Kerr, 09/14/2001)

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Decommissioned: 03/18/2015
Western Terminus: NY 22, Sciota
Eastern Terminus: US 9, Chazy
Length: 6.19 miles (9.97 km)
Orientation: East-West
Counties: Clinton
Cities: None
Villages: None
Towns: Chazy
Name(s): Miners Farm Rd.

NY 191 originally extended west to Altona (Franklin CR 16) and east to Chazy Landing (Franklin CR 22). The alignment was truncated to Sciota (NY 22) at the west end and Chazy (US 9) at the east end in 1980. The desigination, as a whole, would be dropped in 2015.
Replaced By: Clinton CR 23

Reassigning NY 268 in Delaware County as NY 191, which would serve as a northern extension of PA 191. The NY 191 designation would follow Pennsylvania Ave. and Front St. (including a brief overlap with NY 97) in Hancock to get to the current NY 268 alignment.

1975 Marine Midland General Drafting New York map
showing the original NY 191 alignment from
Altona to Chazy Landing (1930-80)

2002 Map Works New York map showing
NY 191's reduced alignment from Sciota to Chazy

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Westbound NY 191 signage at the northbound on and off ramps to I-87 (Exit 41) in Chazy.
(Douglas Kerr, 06/10/2007)

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