Reference Route 990V

NY 990V reassurance shield at the eastern terminus in Conesville.
(Adam Prince, 10/06/2006)

First eastbound NY 990V reassurance shield near Gilboa.
(Mark Sinsabaugh, 02/19/2017)

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Western Terminus: NY 30, Gilboa
Eastern Terminus: Schoharie CR 3, Conesville
Length: 6.15 miles (9.90 km)
Orientation: East-West
Counties: Schoharie
Cities: None
Villages: None
Towns: Gilboa, Conesville
Name(s): None
History: Previously assigned as NY 342

Assigning a regular touring route number to NY 990V, then extending it eastward along Schoharie CR 3 and Albany CR 354 where it would link up with the western end of the current NY 81 alignment at NY 145 near Cooksburg. Since NY 81 would be reassigned under our suggested renumbering plan, a new number would be given. NY 530 is the suggested designation as it would be a spur of NY 30.

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Mile Desc. EAST (Read Down) WEST (Read Up)
0.00 JCT
(Mark Sinsabaugh, 06/24/2017)
6.15 JCT

(Mark Sinsabaugh, 02/19/2017)

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