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Welcome to the New York Routes End Sign Collection!

End signage for the southern end of NY 30, one of New York's longer routes, at NY 17 in East Branch, Delaware County.
Photo taken by Mark Sinsabaugh (04/02/2022)

One of the websites that drove my interest in road photography over the years was the New York Ends website that was maintained by Doug Kerr on State-Ends.com and Gribblenation in the early 2000s. I was a frequent contributor to the site taking ends photos around the Elmira-Corning area, where I lived at the time, and whenever I decided to take a day's long road trip. Over time, the project got backburnered as its objective was completed and the website was shuttered when Gribblenation transitioned into a blog site.

While the junction lists include photos of all of New York's touring routes and intersections, one thing that has gotten lost is what started all of this...The "END" signs posted at most terminii. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of New York Routes, I have brought back the "End Sign Collection" featuring end signs from throughout the Empire State including updated photos and new routes that have been established since the old site's last update.

This section will focus on the end signs for active routes and parkways that have them.
Photo submissions are always welcomed at webmaster@newyorkroutes.net.

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